The most beautiful waterway in Scandinavia and best beautiful scenery in Europe

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The movie "The Telemark Canal in Norway" from The Compass Shows is a movie with a duration of 2 hours and 43 minutes.
It shows the entire Telemark Canal in Norway from its beginning in the town "Skien" to the end in the town "Dalen"
This is Norway's fantastic nature and landscape with 1000 meter high mountains and many lakes with the cleanest meltwater which we sail through in this movie.
The trip is shown in a 56-foot motorboat in a way so you should feel like you are sailing the trip yourself.
The Telemark Canal was carved into the mountain well over 100 years ago and when the canal was completed in 1892 it was designated as one of the “eight wonders” in Europe. 500 men had worked for 5 years blowing up their way through the mountain.
With a total of 18 lock chambers, the road paved from Skien and to Dalen, a 105 km voyage and with a height difference of 72 meters.
Long before the Telemark canal was built, the locals used rivers and waterways to transport goods and people. The roads in Telemarks were nearly impassable. Carts with wheels were impossible to use in several locations. The waters made the traffic easier. Barges and boats were used until the waters froze over. During the winter season, the traffic went by horse over the ice.
The canal was called “Hurtigruten” (the fast route) between eastern Norway and Western Norway and was also the most important route between upper and lower Telemark for people, livestock, goods and timber.
Today, there are tourists from near and far who come to experience this unique waterway that looks just like it did a hundred years ago. The stone-walled lock walls, the huge lock gates, the opening and closing mechanism – everything is authentic.

Watch this movie by clicking the link, and see the fantastic nature from Scandinavia when it is at its most beautiful. See how the locks work and get the feeling of what it is like to sail through this beautiful landscape in a motorboat.

The film was shot in the summer of 2021.
Maximum mast height incl. antennas - measured from the water's edge at normal water levels. Skien to Dalen 12.8 m. It is possible to unmask before Skien. Maximum hull dimensions in the lock chambers Length 100 feet = 31.4 m. Width 21 feet = 6.6 m. Cooling depth 8 feet = 2.4 m VHF in the Telemark Canal All lock systems have VHF communication. Use channel 9.

A The Compass Shows Production.
Producer DYI Aps Jan Wulff Møller
Editor Jan Wulff Møller Crew Elena Sikorska & Jan Wulff Møller
Music Sooting Relaxation AS Peder B Helland.
Music titles: Always - Stardust - At Peace - Quiet Road - I´ll Stay - The Hidden Valley - Planet Earth.
Copyright DYI Aps Jan Wulff Møller

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The movie "The Telemark Canal" with a duration of 2 hours and 43 minutes.

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The most beautiful waterway in Scandinavia and best beautiful scenery in Europe

0 ratings